How to get citizenship as an international student

citizenship for international student

If you are interested to be an immigrant but worried what to follow and what not to; then you are reading the right content. If you are a student who wants to take a green card or citizenship for any specific country. then hopefully this is going to help you.

About F1 Visa

Students that are having international visa that is commonly known as F1 Visa specifically ends after the 18 months of qualification. or it allows you to work for 18 months legally in the country or state where you are the student. but it shall not be illegal job; and before the 18 months as an international student you must a find a job that could sponsor your visa extend and makes you eligible for citizenship. If you are unable to do so then what choice remains for you. that choice is :

Spouse Visa

Well there is an only one choice that might be life changing for you either can be favorable or disturbing and that is to marry a citizen of that country. Often times student do so but due to greed to increase stay. However this visa is called Spouse Visa. The suggestion for you is to figure out that partner that really love and cares you rather then just following the piece of paper work. It is possible to find a real partner from the areas where you are studying,social apps or even friends who are living earlier there ahelp you too.

Go For Further Studies

The third option for the students is to apply to study further like they have cleared out a masters program shall enroll them selves in postgraduate degree like Phd. And shall keep if continuing as a part time study work but do remember that it is just a temporary way to be inside the premises of a country. You also have go cover your fees structure along with accommodation expenses.

Suggested Countries

There are so many countries that welcome the international students as a citizen but there eligibility criteria is hard from all of the world the countries that have best institutions and universities would be consider not all the countries. at first Canada, USA and Australia are the best but difficult to avail. Why they are best cause high rate of employment and multinational companies along most amount of international students. Second would be Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and France they are also one of the most and best economies no any violence riot. value of currency and living standard is at its peak; even cost of education and living is so fair amd reasonable. But at second preference is due to language barrier that occurs during the first one year while you get command upon their specific language. Once you dodge that barrier no one can to stop you to become a millionaire after your successful studies. The Third one is United Kingdom according to author the heart of Europe. But lies at third for reasons like getting permenant residency for students is bit tough but on spouse visa is like licking up a butter from the jar. At last China and Turkey are also suggested to you guys.

At The End

The best and positives way is to learn passionately about that program that is in your majors and try hunting Internships in that are would automatically qualify you for leading firm that can advocate your citizenship in the embassy of a country. Although if it doesn’t happens you are suggested to look for a life lasting relationship that consider the value and moral of both individuals individuals. other then that you may follow the third option. 

These ideas are reviewed by Immigration solicitor in UK, who have vast experience in these matters.

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