Necessary law implementation to stop corona virus

Stop Corona Virus


The United kingdom has introduce emergency laws to curb the Corona virus outbreak. Including public gathering and giving police power to detain infected peoples

UK laws enforce to people:

UK has drafted emergency legislation to give government the powers it needs to deal with corona virus  including powers to masses from gathering and compensate organisations a government.

* All members of the public should reduce the time spend with others.

*everyone should stop non essential contact with others. This is particularly important for people over 70,those with underlying health conditions and pregnant women.

*people should work from home if they can

*cafes ,pubs, restaurant are being closed from Friday night except for take away food tackle Corona virus.

*people should stop  all unnecessary travel.

*the most at risk about 1.5 million who have had organ transplant some concern should not go out for 12 weeks and will be given essence supplies if they dont have a support system of their own.

 WHO -CHINA joint mission

 *to enhance understanding of evolving covid 19 out break in China and nature impact of on going containment measure.

*To share knowledge on covid 19 response and preparedness measure being  implment in countries affected by or risk of importion of covid 19.

*to generate recommending for adjusting covid 19 containment and response measures in China and inter nationally

*to establish priorities for a collaborate programme of work research and development to address critical gaps in knowledge and response and leadness toll and activities


* several countries have passed emergency legislation,giving the state the power to detain and isolate people suspected of having Corona virus.

*in England s stark answer was provided on February 10 when the government implemented a new law specifically addressing the corona virus outbreak

* in a unprecedent step ,the law also creates new criminal offences for people who don’t comply with detention orders abscond from a place of isolation,supply false or obstruct public health officials conducting their duties. The police are now empowered to use reasonable force enforce these rules in the interest of public safety.

Some Predictions

will the outbreak end ?i if yes when will the outbreak end and life get back to normal?There’s a understanding and concept that the pandemic will only end with the improved immunity or That occurs when enough people in a community are protected from a pathogen that it can’t take hold and dies out. There are two paths to that outcome. One is immunization. Researchers would have to develop a vaccine that proves safe and effective against the coronavirus, and health authorities would have to get it to a sufficient number of people. The second path to herd immunity is grimmer: It can also come about after a large portion of a community has been infected with a pathogen and develops resistance to it that way.

How long will a vaccine take?

Majority of laboratories and universities in the globe are hitting hard upon it, but still there is no result guaranteed . Even world’s top universities including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford are still struggling. Vaccine production normally is a time taking and experimental process that requires months of testing to ensure that it is safe and working. In the corona virus fight, some of the laboratories assure to deliver a vaccine but would take 12 to 18 months, it is an  ambitious goal. Scientists are relying on new technologies, like those that add viral genetic material to human cells. Trying to make proteins that increase imune response to react quickly. Some vaccine makers are hoping from governments, rich individuals and investors should temper their budget. Still yet it is not assured that observed methods would work , that the timelines will be met or that companies will be able to manufacture enough shots.

These Ideas are reviewed by David Philip Solicitor, he is a professional solicitor in UK, however thanks to Kamran Wahab for sharing his experience.

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